A downloadable game for Windows

A fast paced, skill based, survival platformer. Loosely inspired by Super Meat Boy.

Double jump to your hearts content.

Destroy and consume an endlessly regenerating battlefield.

The more enemies you kill, the harder it gets! Can you beat my score of 180?

Made in under 24 hours, for Game Dev Underground JimJam game jam.  No premade assets. 


 press space to start
 click to shoot

 a/d keys to move

 w/space keys to jump, doublejump

s key to consume platform for health


stand in the middle of platforms with pressing s for maximum health gains

use the recoil from your weapon to jump much higher and farther

There is a thread interference bug that is somewhat frequently crashing  the game or creating bugged particle effects, sorry I couldn't figure it out in time. 

Install instructions

Extract and run platformBattler.exe

Made in Processing 3, Java. Compiled for 64bit windows, JVM included.


platbat.zip 66 MB